In the history of copper enameling in Quebec, the production of the De Pasillé-Sylvestre duo is without a doubt the one which combines the highest levels of technical and artistic achievement. Micheline De Pasillé and Yves Sylvestre began experimenting with the enameling of copper in the mid-1950s. This experiment, then sideline, quickly became their main activity. In 1959, they received a scholarship from the Montréal Chamber of Commerce. That same year, as well as in 1963, they won the first prize in the Concours artistique de la province de Québec. At Expo 67, in the Canada Pavilion, their work was exhibited and given to foreign dignitaries. During the 1970s, their booth was one of the main attractions at the Salon des métiers d'art du Québec.


on Copper

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