A stunning example of the alliance of art and recycling, the “crazy quilt” incorporates even the smallest scrap of fabric. In them, are tumultuously but harmoniously combined different forms and even various types of fabrics. The quilt was generally made up of three different layers: previously assembled pieces of fabric, cotton or wool padding, and a lining. It was time-consuming activity and women often grouped together in the task.

The Crazy Quilt



Crocheted carpets appeared in North America around the mid-19th century, when linen burlap became commercially available. Rug hooking is a craft in which rugs are made by pulling loops of yarn or fabric through this stiff woven base. The technique is simple, yet relentless. Again and again, a hook crosses the jute to go fishing for a loop of wool of the desired color, and then knotted before diving again.  But what a fantasy of motifs results from this laborious work!

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